Previously, we told you about the Ring Clock, which… well, the name really says it all. It’s a ring that has a clock on it, although really it’s three stainless steel rings working in concert to keep you informed of the time. And the construction is looking very, very tough.

A Quick Review

First, a quick overview of the device itself, just because it’s pretty cool. As you may have guessed, it’s got three bands that tell the time; hours, minutes, and seconds. As they pass, each band lights up with the appropriate numeral. As you might guess, that’s a bit of tricky engineering that impresses people, and it helps that it uses wireless charging to pack in those electrons and get everything in shape. But the question was, was this a toy or an actual tool?

Takes A Lickin’, Keeps On, Er, Glowing

It wasn’t clear just how the Ring Clock was going to take day to day abuse. Sure, the concept was cool, and stainless steel is tough, but there’s also a lot of sensitive electronics involved. How tough was it?

Plenty, as this video shows us. First, they chuck it in a fish tank for thirty minutes, as it just keeps chugging away. Next, they show off the illumination after a good soaking, indicating just how tough it is. Basically it’ll stay on your finger and keep showing the time, no matter what.

Reliable Time


If you want the time on you, don’t want to check your phone, and don’t want to buy a watch, well, your choices are limited. The Ring Clock adds a few, however, and it might be a good, stylish option for those of us who want a discrete, simple chronometer. That said, it’s not cheap; expect it to cost $250 before tax and shipping when it arrives in November.

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