The Ostrich Pillow Mini Lets You Sleep Anywhere

As we get busier and busier as a society, we’re looking for more and more ways to snatch a little precious sleep from the day. That’s a problem because, well, have you ever tried sleeping on your own hands? We didn’t evolve to sleep that way. But the Ostrich Pillow Mini is here to address this particular evolutionary defect.

A Place To Rest Your Head

As you might have guessed, the Ostrich Pillow Mini is a pillow, and based on the rather… memorable Ostrich Pillow, which you might remember as a cross between a neck brace and a muff. It was essentially a contraption you put your whole head in, and had room for your hands to tuck in as well. The Mini is… well, it’s substantially less goofy.

Well-Armed For Sleep

The Ostrich Pillow Mini more resembles an oven mitt than its big brother. Which is a good thing, since walking around with an oven mitt on your arm looks a lot less goofy. You just slip it on your preferred sleeping arm, in a position that makes sense for you. It can go pretty much anywhere on your arm, from your elbow to your hand. Then, rest your head, close your eyes, and get a nap before the next alarm, plane landing, or what have you.

Get Some ZZZs


The Ostrich Pillow Mini is a slightly more dignified way to sleep aroun, er, to sleep wherever, and as a nice touch, you can even make it slightly personal; it comes in four colors. You will have to hand wash it in order to keep it clean, especially for your droolers out there (you know who you are.) Still, for many of us, being able to sleep wherever we go is worth $25, and backing a Kickstarter.

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