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‘Call Auto’ and ‘Auto Driver’, two mobile applications that jointly form an interface between autorickshaw drivers and customers across the State, was launched in Kozhikode on Saturday. Actor Tovino Thomas launched the logo of the interface while Mayor Thottathil Raveendran, RTO A.K. Sasikumar and actor Vinod Kovoor were present.

The Call Auto application enables customers to book an autorickshaw anywhere in the State quite easily. Aneem Komachi, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the interface, said they were mainly targeting rural areas where getting an autorickshaw is often an issue.

The customers are not charged for the service, but have to pay the driver as per the prevalent rates. The application also ensures safety features such as red alert to get in touch with the police in case of an emergency. The application works on GPS and the details of the travellers are encoded in it. The proprietors also promise that any valuables forgotten in the autorickshaw will be returned to the customers immediately.

Insurance scheme

Auto Driver is an application for autorickshaw drivers that works in sync with the Call Auto app. It enables the drivers to track customers in need and reach them as early as possible. The app offers an insurance scheme for the drivers who are part of it. Both the apps have a feedback option for the travellers.

The applications may be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store free of cost.

CEO Irshad C.K. said the facility would be made available across the State in a few weeks and that the associations of autorickshaw drivers have taken well to the initiative.

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