It’s a classic staple of mysteries, horror movies, and TV shows; a quick search of the library, the right book pulled, and a hidden door swings open to offer the hero more evidence or access to a new area. But of course, installing that in your home is a pain. Unless you buy a kit!

Instant Intrigue, Just Add Bookcase

It’s actually an impressive little system that’s been designed here. Essentially, it’s a simple set of flat hinges that allow you to rotate the bookcase in and out with ease. You simply install the hinges on the top and bottom of the bookcase, and move it out of the way when you need to get through the door. You will need to do some measuring, and provide your own bookcase, but that’s a small price to pay to have a door you can swing open at just the right dramatic moment.

More Room For Books!

hidden hinge

Another factor, of course, is that this lets you use a bookcase as a door, or allows you to swing in or swing out a bookcase as need be. If you’re a bibliophile, or like rooms to have a certain privacy, this gives you a way to get that while giving you more book storage. Also, you have to admit, being able to swing open a bookcase and show a hidden passage in your house is just incredibly neat, no matter how you happen to do it or your motives for it. It’s currently not available, but keep an eye out; hidden doors are never unpopular.

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