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Sleek, Fast & Powerful. This Portable Battery Packs a Punch.

Credit cards charge money and batteries charge your phone. That’s just science. But with the power of technology and a little design savvy, combine these two magical powers and you’ve got the wallet battery that’s now 66% off. With this, after you’ve made some sweet purchases, you’ll have plenty of phone battery ready to take selfies and pictures of your new items. No more toting around a white cord that hangs out of your pocket like a wimpy lasso, simply rock your wallet as usual and this charger makes you good to go.

Lithiumcard Wallet Battery Black Micro Usb

It rockets up your juice power at top speeds of one percent a minute. That gets you ready to go in no time, with no more waiting around by the wall and socket. The billet aluminum housing is strong enough so that if you sit on your wallet, you won’t crush this thing. It’s that strong even though it’s wonderfully small, no wider than a short stack of 5 credits cards that slides easily into any foldable. There are two flip-out cables so you can charge multiple devices at once.

It’s long lasting and a total lifesaver when you’re out and about. It’s available with a micro USB cord if that’s more your style and will completely transform your battery game. Whether you’re out at the all-day tailgate, running from meeting to meeting, or having another late night, you’re going to need this wallet battery and can nab it now for 66% off. Check out the link below for more details.

Buy Now – $20

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