If there’s one thing that gets in the way every single day, its wires. They are everywhere and we can’t escape them. Despite all of the advancements in wireless technology, they are still everywhere, making a mess. No matter what you do, they seem to be everywhere. What we need is a better way to wrangle and organize these wires.

Nearbuds De-Clutter Your Tangled Wires

Universal Nearbuds will help solve this problem. They are versatile magnetic cord and cable clips that eliminate the clutter and make life with wires much nicer. All of your wires, cords, chargers, and earphones will now be neat and orderly.

What used to be a tangled mass of spaghetti will now be streamlined in a row, making identification, storage and using them easier than ever before. With each package, you get 3 nearbuds and a self-adhesive steel disc.

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This solution is good for more than just wires. they will even keep your glasses or sunglasses safe. Just hang them from nearbuds on the wall for easy access. These Universal Nearbuds fit all wired headphones and chargers so that you can attach them to your clothes, clip them around your neck, or keep one ear free with no dangling from the unused earbud.

Nearbuds not only make life convenient by eliminating clutter, they also offer amazing versatility when it comes to carrying chargers and wired headphones with you on the go. They attach to any magnetic surface for instant storage and easy access. They will also snap to your clothing almost anywhere. The magnets make sure that they stay secure.

Universal Nearbuds Are Versatile Magnetic Cord and Cable Clips

Nearbuds organize all your wires.

Compatible With Almost All Cables and Cords

They are compatible with Apple earbuds and almost any other kind of charger, wired headphones, cables, and cords. There’s no need to cut the cord when you can tame them and make them easier to live with. And that is just what nearbuds do. They are one of the coolest wire organizing gadgets we’ve seen.

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