Genetec will unveil a new version of Security Center, the company’s open-architecture platform that unifies video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. With customizable live dashboards, a brand-new map-driven mobile app, and new features that help users keep an eye on the health of their system and adhere to the most stringent cybersecurity protocols, version 5.8 ensures users can optimize their physical security environment while benefiting from greater visibility into their operations.

Customizable live dashboard: Security Center 5.8 will enable users to create custom dashboards that will display real-time data, such as video feeds, alarms, reports and charts in a way that is meaningful to them and their specific job function (security, operations, IT etc.). The data gathered by all connected systems (video, access controls, ALPR, etc.) will be presented in a single dashboard to enable greater operational efficiency and unlock new ways of looking at any information that the system is gathering.

Mobile app: Security center 5.8 will also introduce a next-generation mobile app to provide operators complete access to their Security Center system when they are on the move and turn their cell phone into a valuable contributing sensor to their security system. Security personnel will be able to record incidents from their phone and directly send the video to Security Center, reports incidents, raise alarms, check on the location of users, set threat levels, easily collaborate with colleagues and get a complete view and access to all core functions through map-oriented tools including:

·        Video (with live feeds, video event playback, control cameras remotely, access reports etc.);

·         Access control (check door status, lock/unlock doors, override schedule, set maintenance mode etc.);

·         ALPR (live reads/hits, plate reports and access hotlists);

·         Interactive maps will increase local awareness and put critical information much closer to the operators, enabling them to easily visualize their environment and respond quickly. They will be able to dynamically navigate through facilities to oversee cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras, intrusion, and other security applications.

·         Built-in messaging allows for instantaneous sharing of information between operators and personnel in the field. This extends to sharing live or recorded video clips, auditable text messages and other security information.

Physical and cybersecurity: System administrators are acutely aware of the critical nature of security systems, but often lack the tools to assess the potential exposure of physical security devices on their network. Security Center 5.8 will add multiple layers of cyber, data and privacy protection while removing the complexity of ensuring that a security installation is cyber secure. Version 5.8 will automatically track and highlight potential vulnerabilities and guide system administrators to ensure that they follow best practices. With the new camera integrity monitor video analytic feature, the system will also automatically detect potential camera failures, loss of quality and tampering, and alert administrators immediately.


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