The Apple iPhone has always been known for having a crackingly good camera. These flagship smartphones are capable of some incredible photography, so much so that many modern photographers often ditch their DSLR cameras in favour of the ultra-portable iPhone. 

The results are often spectacular too. To honour the efforts and the iPhone Photography Awards were born in 2008 and have been choosing award-winning photos every year since. 

We’ve combed through the archives to bring you a collection of our favourite photos taken from the last few years. Incredible images you won’t believe were shot on a smartphone.

If you feel like you’ve got what it takes, you too could submit your photos to see if you can win an award. This year’s competition deadline ends 31 March 2019. 

Robin Robertis/IPPAAWARDSThe best Apple iPhone photos ever taken image 3

She bends with the wind

This incredible photograph by Robin Robertis was snapped and submitted to the IPPAwards in 2016. The judges were so impressed they chose him as second place winner for the Photographer of the Year category.  

“I was on an iPhone workshop and reunion with a friend and teacher in Cape Cod. We all went out to photograph the perfect sunset. I tend to bring a few things when I travel, one being this wonderful red umbrella. When others shoot the sunsets and beautiful scenery, I like to photograph some human aspects in these scenes.”

Jedrzej Franek/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 17


A wonderful piece of abstract photography that shows what looks, at first glance, to be a weirdly wonderful painting of an urban landscape. These are real buildings from Poland though and a genuine photo snapped on an iPhone

“This photo is a facade of one of the most recognizable buildings in Pozna, the former Polonez Hotel (closed, and re-opened as
a student dormitory centre). Considered very modern and luxurious in the 80’s it has fallen in disrepair in the 2000’s.”

Kim Hanskamp/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 14

A piercing gaze

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, that beauty is just in their eyes. This magnificent shot shows that iPhone photographs have been incredible for years. This image by Kim Hanskamp was taken way back in 2013 and selected as the winner in the people category. 

Cocu-Liu//IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 2

The wonky one

Sometimes great photos are just a matter of perspective. Other times, they’re just fantastic snaps of weird and wonderful locations.

This shot was captured by Cocu Liu in the wonderfully sloping streets of San Fransisco. The building isn’t actually wonky, it’s the camera that is. 

Francesca Es/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 25

A virtual view of another world

We’ll be honest, we’re not sure we know what’s going on with this photo, but we love it. A man in almost full astronaut gear sits near a biodome wearing what appears to be an Oculus VR headset. Perhaps he’s experiencing a virtual view of outer space and trying to make it as convincing as possible. 

Brendan O Se/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 4

Dock worker

Brendan O Se snapped this close up pic of a dock worker’s dirty hands on an iPhone 6s in 2016. In 2017 the image was submitted to the IPPAwards and selected as the first place winner – seeing him crowned Photographer of the Year

“I shot this photo on an early morning photo walk around the docks in Jakarta in April 2016. These were the hands of a dock worker who was taking a break. I was struck by the texture created by the accumulated dirt on his hands.”

Erica Wu/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 26

A smattering of foxes

2016’s winning photograph from the animal category shows a smattering of foxes gathering around the photographer. The angle of the image almost makes it look like the snapper was stuck up a tree. 

Tomas Stankiewicz/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 15

Shadows and sunlight

Tomas Stankiewicz captured this breath-taking image of an empty and peaceful street using just his iPhone. Wonderful shadows and beams of light can be seen stretching forth across the paved surface ahead. 

Bruno Militelli/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 27

What’s going on through here?

Bruno Militelli snapped this brilliant photo of his dog on his iPhone. We love a hilarious dog photo and this one is great too. We wonder what was so interesting. 

KuangLong Zhang/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 18

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

A wonderfully framed view of a Mosque which shows an amazing reflection of the view ahead. This image was shot on an iPhone 7 and won second place in the architecture category in 2018

“This one of the oldest mosques in Iran and is the result of continual construction, reconstruction, additions and renovations on the site from around 771 C.E. to the end of the 20th century.”

Yeow-Kwang Yeo/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 5

The performer

The second place award-winner of the Photographer of the Year category came from Singapore with this image captured using an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. A street performer is seen taking a brief respite from performing:

“Chines traditional street opera is part of the Chinese culture. Unfortunately, the young generation in Singapore is no longer interested. Hence the street opera is fast disappearing.  Instead of shooting their performance, I decided to go the back of the stage to capture the performers’ preparation activity. I spotted this experience performer who is taking a short rest and was waiting for his turn to perform. I was attracted by the lighting of the old plastic curtain, electric fan, and the overall calm atmosphere.”

Dina Alfasi/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 19


A well-timed photo demonstrates that the newer iPhones are capable of some impressive action shots. A small boy catches some air at a skate park as his friend looks on. This photo was shot on an iPhone X at a skate park in Haifa, Israel. It was awarded second place in the children category in 2018

“Part of a series taken at Skate park. I was captivated by these young children, who spend hours, training continuously to improve and achieve greater things.”

Aaron Sandberg/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 24

Lilly pad lake

A beautiful view of nature shot on an iPhone 6S. A lone tree stands in the centre of the frame surrounded by still waters and masses of Lilly pads. 

“I took this photo in late June of 2016 while in Sigtuna, Sweden. I used my old iPhone 6s (native camera) then did some light post-processing with Snapseed, Photoshop Fix, and VSCO. This photo didn’t need too much editing at all unlike some of my others—nature did most of the work here. This was the best shot out of maybe a dozen or so captures.”

Huapeng Zhao/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 6

Eye to eye

Huapeng Zhao snapped this image in the YanTai ShanDong province, China using their iPhone 6. A small boy is seen holding a tiny fish to his eye. The black and white finish of this image adds a moody ambience that we love. The judges did too as this photo was selected as the second place winner for Photographer of the Year 2018

“I met this boy while walking at the seaside. When I was trying to take a picture of him, he put the fish he caught in front of his eye.”

Naian Feng/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 20

The Kerid

This iPhone X photograph shows a brilliant view of the landscapes of Iceland. From this angle, the photographer Naian Feng has managed to capture a shot of a frozen volcano. The dormant volcano known as Kerid is now just a crater that’s home to a volcanic lake. In the heart of winter, the surface of the lake freezes and plays host to tourists, though from up here it looks like the people below are enjoying a spot of ice skating. 

Jon Resnik/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 16

Wild stallion

On a wide open country road, you’ll often see animals crossing and trying to get to safety. You won’t often see a horse darting across your path though. This iPhone photographer has managed to snap just that, as what appears to be a wild stallion dashes across the road ahead. This image was chosen as the first place winner in the animal’s category in 2013

Sihao Guo/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 28

One cool cat

This guy, what a dude. We’re impressed that this snapper managed to get their cat to sit still for long enough to take a photo. Nevermind doing so while wearing accessories. 

泳桥 黄/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 21

Dreams in the basket

A small baby takes a casual and relaxing nap in the middle of a field in China. In the background, workers can be seen busying themselves with the daily grind. We only hope this child’s parents are nearby.

An incredible photo of life shot on an iPhone 5S. This image was chosen as the second place winner in the lifestyle category in 2018

Michael O’Neal/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 7

A cheeky fox

In 2014, Michael O’Neal took this brilliant photo of a rather cheeky looking fox out in the snowy ridden landscape of San Francisco. The image was chosen as the first place winner in the animal category. It’s easy to see why as it’s fantastic.  

Danny Van Vuuren/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 8

A family day out

From the coast of South Africa comes this fantastic family photo of a man and his two children wading through the waters. A brilliant image of family life shot on an iPhone. 

Sofija Strindlund/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 9

A tasty meal

We all love a great snap of a tasty meal. Foodies aren’t the only ones who snap a good meal photo and post it on Instagram. Sofija Strindlund captured this photo and submitted it to IPPAAWARDS where it was selected for third place in the food category in 2014.

Erika Brother/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 10

Birds in flight

A simple, yet wonderful shot of nature at its finest as birds are captured taking flight with the use of an iPhone. Some filters may have been applied, but there’s no denying the results are incredible. 

Gerard Collett/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 11

A bad day

Someone’s having a bad day. This brilliantly posed image shows a man being led away by the police with a foreboding atmosphere as bystanders look on. This photo by Gerard Collett was selected as the first place winner in 2014 for the news and events category. 

Athena Tan/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 12

The young and the weary

A fantastic photo taken by Athena Tan that brilliant captures youth and the wisdom of age in one image. This brilliant snap was also captured on iPhone and made an incredible submission to the people category in 2014

Cara Barer/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 13

Another world

This sort of photo demonstrates just how brilliantly flexible smartphone cameras can be. They’re not just great at taking selfies and snaps of your lunch, they can also be used for landscape photographs, still life imagery and much more besides. 

Zarni Myo WinThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 22

I want to play

Just a simple photo of boys doing what boys do best – getting muddy and having a great time. This image was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus in Yangon, Myanmar and was given third place for Photographer of the Year 2018.

“A young boy who lost his leg was watching his friends play soccer, and he said he wanted to play soccer if he could.”

Bruno Dreux/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 29

Someone’s going to need a bath

The joys of parenthood and childhood summed up in one wonderfully messy photo. A small child caught on iPhone in the midst of tumbling into a mass of mud and madness. 

Shuo Li/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 23

The one with the long neck

This incredibly moody, atmospheric and perfectly timed photo was snapped by Shuo Li using an iPhone 7 Plus. 

This image was selected for the third place in the animal’s category in 2017

“It was taken in Maasai Mara National Reserve, on October 6, 2016. It was the last safari that day, my friend and I were leaving Maasai Mara. The sky was pure blue with beautiful clouds, I noticed a giraffe was eating Kigelia Africana leaves. We drove our SUV around the giraffe, and then I found the best angle to took this photo.”

Lone Bjørn/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 30

A floral close up

This brilliant close up view of some poppies won Lone Bjørn the first place award in the flowers category in 2016.

Xia Zhenkai/IPPAAWARDSThe Best Apple Iphone Photos Ever Taken image 31

Chained to the water

Xia Zhenkai captured this image in China using an iPhone. The photo then went on to win the first place prize in the people category in 2016


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